PRIMO COMPANY A++ The shingles on the house did not look that bad, but what was under them was scary. I found one leak and repaired it, but while in the attic I found two more leaks that were not showing, so right then I decided we needed a new roof. I got 6 competitive quotes and three (3) were for ~$9,500, or very close to it. Three were over $11,000, so all but one of the high bids were removed from the bidding process instantly. ABJ Roofing surprised me. They were the only roofer to actually get a ladder out and go up on the roof. They took great pride in learning what the roof challenges were so they could make a competitive quote. And while talking with the estimators, they were very friendly, low pressure, and offered more information than was needed to help me make an informed decision. One of the higher priced roofs told me I didn’t need a new roof, and that it could just be repaired, which early on was one of our options, so we thought. ABJ Roofing informed me of nail holds left in the roof from a previous repair job many years prior. Holes that should have been caulked, but were not. This information helped spur us on to deciding to go ahead and get a new roof. There were already to many hidden mysteries under these shingles. Now we needed to figure out which roofer to select! The other companies offered assistance, but we felt pressured as they presented they options. ABJ Roofing had no pressure, they were not salesmen out to make a quota, but rather, they were simply there to give you an honest quote and provide you with the information you needed to help you make the decision on what material you wished to use. Other roofers didn’t wish to take the time to explain the newer types of felt and synthetic underlayment. I was referred to ABJ Roofing and I am glad I was. I have replaced a few roofs when I was younger and I know my way around a roof. They did not feed me any lines like some of the other roofers did. This disqualified the ‘other’ roofers quickly. In the end, it came down to two (2) $9,500 quotes and one (1) $11,425 quote. But after further research, the high quote was disqualified too, because the shingle they were choosing to use were in my opinion, not as good as the Certianteed brand. And they would not budge on using anything other than GAF product. The property was well cared for. Tarps were laid out, plywood was placed over windows and doors to protect them while they removed the old shingles, and all of the rotten roof was replaced with great care. I would go out every 45 minutes or so and make a round of the house, taking pictures and what not. I climbed the ladders to go up and inspect their work. Looking at how well they interleaved the valleys, whether the ridge vent was to my satisfaction, how the custom drip edge was made and installed, making sure it covered over into the gutter, and making sure that they were replacing all the rotten spots. There were two (2) issues where the builder of the home took shortcuts. The ABJ guys would not stand to roof over what the builder left for them. Instead, they took the time to repair what the builder should have done 24 years ago and moved on without question. And when I ask for a change in what was in the contract, there were no issues. Ask them for there  discounts!  You’ll save a lot! The left today, leaving the place very clean. Our bushes are as they were, and the place looks nice. Would I use them again; yes. Would I stay at home to oversee the project again; no. There work is impeccable. I am very impressed with the custom drip edges they made onsite. This could have just thrown up a standard drip edge and no one would have known the difference. But I would have, because I crawled up and inspected it at several locations. They also fixed some rotten fascia at no extra charge. I like good people, and they are good people. The crew were all hard workers. I do not think I need to say any more, Try them, You’ll like them. -Steve, Wake Forest